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"Isle of View"

The people in our lives who inspire us, teach us to be better and love us, no-matter-what-side-of-the-bed we get up on, are our true blessings. These wonderful and loving individuals give use daily cheerfulness and support. This translates into personal joy, spinning into healthy relationships with people far beyond our personal interactions. When we are happy in our worlds, we tend to share that happiness with others.National Health Blog Post Month!

If you are challenged with calamity, illness, poor career, relationships – you name it- take time to analyze what is possible to change, let go and heal. Sometimes it is really difficult to move beyond toxicity in life, however I highly invite you to identify the issues and make it a priority, a numero uno commitment to yourself!!!!  Now this could include not communicating with a family member who no longer serves the greater good of who you are, or a job that…

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there is a time for everything
and the emotions may try to override daily activities
for now is the time to spend on some inspiration

Parents Are People Too

An email friend sent me this wonderful video of a flash mob gathering to play Beethoven’s Ninth.  The grands, almost three and just a year–both loved it.


Be with beauty is one of the Emotional Fitness Exercises described in my book Parents Are People Too, An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents.  Watching my two grands enjoy this video made my day and reminded me to keep looking for ways to  introduce them early to classical music.  We did that with their fathers and both love all kinds of music.

Music has many ways to move your children along the path to greater emotional health.  Here is the  National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences  music for children’s page.  A minor crank is that they don’t include classical music — but you can correct that.


Just a quick post but do be kind, another way…

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Awakened Adults Day

Nov 14 2012
It was Children’s Day in India.
And I came to know of it late in the evening, when I returned to my online habitat and was catching up with the world.
I thanked my family, my childhood friends and all the souls that were with me when I walked the earth as a child.
Then I think I tried a meditation to connect with the ‘old child of me that was’. Lost in memories and emotions of the new exciting good days.New because there would be something gaga about it. Exciting in that it was like watching michael jackson’s dance moves. Good because there was a clearer understanding of good and bad, the moral or ethics based compass was a guiding force.
I do not think I had such a close obsession with depression. Or a search for job and career. Of course, there was no question on money and the power to purchase stuff. I thank my family and friends of the time and I feel uneasy now, cos the scenario has changed. I am the adult and there are kids around for whom it is ‘Children’s day’.
Becos there are so much meaningless ways of ‘exciting’ and ‘new’ and ‘good’ in the market, I think humanity should be replaced with insanity in this case. There are ‘teen clubs’ that mimic adult night clubs where hoteliers cash in on providing young minds with the props of ‘zest of life’ .With technology mobile app stores displaying adult wallpapers of almost all major brands and what not content. It is no more alarming to know of liberalized sex ed classes supported with over the counter pills and much more than what the media reports.
So I stare at the screen and wonder, what my adult-parent-teacher community across the world are doing about this, as I think of myself as a child celebrating children’s day today.
There are a number of my friends, my brothers and sisters today who celebrate this day every year. we remember it the day with a genuine smile on the face because it is a feeling of unity, a special bond together. And painfully to know, the increased number of ‘responsible adults syndrome’ – resulting from one of more of the following:
– the home with a single parent
– cultural orientation of parent(s) and its impact on the child
– lack of feedback and support system for child with parent on issues
– work/career/personal objectives of parent(s) that douse the flame of dreams in a child
– view of the parent(s) on trends and emerging lifestyles
I am writing this as I see the valuable bonds that money cannot buy, but can be invested in with huge returns in the future. For the children of today and everyday, I hope there could be a “Awakened Adult Day’ preferably before Children’s day (as i am a full time one in the real worlds). So I may celebrate that day with a strong resolve on building a stronger chain of humanity, right where I am at my neighborhood.
We are going to make a wish. For all of us adults to join together this day, with small steps of love and dedication for reviving the human element in us.
I think it is quite reasonable due to the fact that we are in the middle of birth and death. It is about time we did something in our lives that would contribute to the lives that are following us. One could never know, the grave could be a very lonely place !
Can we commit to one simple thing in daily or weekly or monthly living, each of us in his or her own way?
Allow the inner compass to alert us on the good and the moral and the ethical for the rest of us?
Our voices and words promoting the spirit of humanity that is abundant within us?
Actions and efforts tireless be it day or night for the role of a father or mother is the most sacred?
The UN children’s day falls on 20 Nov.
Happy Childrens Day :) happy

Happy Awakened Adults Day =D> applause

Scroll of Extermination

The scroll of extermination, for the one engulfed in fear of rejection.

Extermination is an energy word. Its a trial for the tongue and a mission for the mind. This is about breaking fear of rejection into smaller parts by crushing it with the hammer of faith. This is where the warrior sprays vapors of resilience over it and says gratitude for the experience. This is when wisdom emerges from the smoke at the end of a successful extermination. It summons great power from within, a power that which is already there.  The scroll is a result of several experiments and findings of a warrior with a traveling soul. Use at your own risk. Or use it and concoct one that makes your spirit click.

Either a thousand voices on rejection, fear, failure, despair. Or a single step with faith by who the warrior is. And another step with determination. Like walking barefoot to the one who does often on mud or waters with strong under currents to get the feel of it. And be escorted by conscious breaths in between. Meaning, he or she is alert to the real scene in the walk, than the scene playing in the head. The warrior is open to the fact that in these moments she or he is a testimony to the endless energy of the universe. And it is the most superior energy than any thoughts or actions, individual or combined.

Observe the fear by accepting its message. It might appear as threatening in form, barbaric in behavior, de-moralizing in voice, repulsive to feel and cold for the heart. That is fear and that is how it introduces sometimes to a warrior.  Let the thoughts bind with the universal fact that love and abundance is showering upon each individual. The warrior anchors faith with this.

‘By the forces of my spirit, I summon the energy to power my light onward from the darkness that attempts to cloud my vision.

I am willing to ride along with the energy of the universe that does not sleep or remain idle.

I will practice extermination with faith, with trust in myself and act upon perceptions hazardous to the spirit. ‘

Like a statue in a breeze the warrior, observes that moments have passed and all gained was another experiential lesson in life that fear is a diminishing energy, actions support him or her.

The landscape is changing. The clouds of revelation come hovering towards the traveling soul. A dense ray of light begins to beam down along the path of the warrior.

Deep long breaths. To slow down the mind and make room for movement, conscious movement. The warrior sees what lies before. The path appears to the traveling soul. Light and Air. Companions for the journey.

Images, words, emotions, voices. Causal or just a coincidence? But they pop up now and then. I have been working with them for some time now. A scheming mirage that jeopardizes my journey. Writing about them helps.

The altar of de-Pression

The altar of de-pression

I am at the altar of de-pression.

‘No need to worry’, i heard this voice in my mind.

“You are where you need to be.” Ou! (goose bumps. Chills. Shiver me timbers). Is this my spirit guide talking?

“Stop by and stay for some more time.’

‘Music will clear the ringing pain in your heart, your limbs will understand it better. Give it (the body) some time. Be gentle and don’t be like a parent, instead be the best friend to yourself. Be G E N T L E’

Wow. I never had anyone telling me all of this. Till the time I got really sick when there was nothing else in me, no more areas left in me to get sick. I just wanted to be de-pressed – this suffocating pressure taken off me. I wanted to somehow get out of the heavy emotional and mental state.

I got therapy. I added nutritional products. I listened to relaxing music. I started meditations. and prayers. Still the biggest change-agent seemed to be missing – me. Yes. The simple one letter capital entity : ‘I”.

My therapist stated: ‘I hope I have given you all the right tools. And please work on them. Do not be hard on yourself. Ever. And I am here, let me know if you need me’. I do not remember the right words. But that was the message. She’s right – none can create a positive change or take the step towards a life of happiness that seems so impossible other than me and my mind.

Whatever time of the day, there is no excuse for cutting down on the soul-nourishment-sessions by pressing myself onto important work, must do tasks, cannot be missed appointments, dead lines.

Ok. S T O P. Stop, stop, stop it – no more getting pressed. Pressed and squeezed and crunched and being aggressive or assertive or being that which is stressing. That which drains away your power. ‘Spiritual moral ethical loving power’. That which wipes out your energy for life. Energy for life meaning, what you love to do, what makes you happy, what gets a spiritual effort from you with ease, what makes you give unconditionally with all your heart. Hey, Like the heart that is an organ pumping only so much amount of blood, there are limits to what the mind can handle. And do not wait for a flashing light or siren to tell you: you are empty, you have been pressed, squeezed out totally like an empty toothpaste tube. Oh man.

Nobody will pull the plug on this process of ‘pressing’ to the max. None knows it better than me. Only I, myself, can de-press.

Why does my heart feel like it is no more a proper functioning organ? One that smiles? And dances in a trance of love.

Is there love only in relationships?

Is it food and music that triggers the sense of love for life?

Has not the entire universe been created for the heart to experience its treasures? Treasures scattered throughout, never to stop or diminish in supply for the harmonic existence of all beings? Unless we think or act otherwise!

Oh Lord, my sight is not so clear when it comes to seeing the beauty in things around me. So please fix my vision to tune into the love that’s around me.

Oh Lord, my ears are sometimes quite deaf to the tunes of joy and happiness that all beings are engaged in, a testimony to the fact that love radiates in various frequencies and I need you to fine tune my hearing.

The altar of de-pression does not exist. Man and woman are much smarter.

The expression of ‘possibility’ brings benefits, tho.

Would you pray for us?

Would you pray for us?

How may we not see each other, not wanting to smile at one another, or wish each other good health and abundance?

Our time is exact in proportion, equal in measure and distributed across the universe. Each of us has the same amount to spend from the moment we wake up and retire to bed. But it seems that we differ in our ways of spending it and on the geographical positions we are at on the planet. In both ways, our minds wander and find their own ways of connection with time by thinking, feeling, wishing, desiring, hoping, planning and much more.

Therefore, does the same apply for prayers? sure we are all of different nations and tastes and backgrounds. But then, is not the thought that counts. From somewhere within the mind or maybe within the body, a heart-beat-driven-energy-molecule is generated which prioritizes something above all else. A prayer for something. Or someone. A telepathic-knock it is. A hope. A faith.

What value do I place?

What value am I supposed to place?

I wonder about this now as I came upon the words ‘ Will you pray for me? Will you pray for us?’ So, this is of the kind that I must energize myself upon not on the goals, but for the love of doing it. For the faith and hope, if it exists. For the cause that desires an outcome beyond my capacity.

And the funniest part is everything looks so normal and ok on the outside. The sky is still blue. The sun is still there. The ocean waves keep moving. and I will be praying for you.

I will take a timeout now and every time I feel I have to. And allocate my wealth appropriately in the world I am living in with the currencies I am bestowed with in this life I was gifted – time and energy.

My prayers. Our prayers.