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This is the reality knocking on our heads. And waking up to it will bring happiness – every day


She’s tall, long-limbed with striking blue eyes and luxurious brown hair, yet she’s caught in the trap most women find themselves in: not accepting and embracing their beauty, wondering in the face of our own media-saturated anorexic-inspired worship of false beauty ideals if she’s attractive, feeling discouraged at the prospect of dealing with the mating-game loaded with crazy expectations. 

Her question, how do you come to accept yourself–even love who you are–in this body?

I’m on the other side: a few years older and mainly avoiding the self-loathing of my very imperfect body.  How did I arrive in this place?  What are key comments of achieving self-love and acceptance while in our imperfect states of being?

I was stumped for an answer.  But the answer is very important.

Finally, I thought of a few items that have helped me along the way:

1) OPT OUT–choose to not saturate yourself…

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In Part 1 of this article, we looked at how natural emotional reactions can be triggered by primitive reflexes, among other things…

In addition to neutralizing in real time the charge of the emotion, we can then release it for greater freedom and peace.

The method is as simple as the previous techniques and equally profound in effect.  Many people have come up with variations on releasing these emotional “stores” in our bodies.  You can use techniques from Brain Gym, The Sedona Method, Heartmath or others.

It is helpful to be led through the process with a coach or practitioner the first time, but not necessary.


The Heartmath website has a free survey for you to take that relates to this topic. Just click on the link below.

Welcome to the Stress & Well-Being Survey™


The main component in all these methods is in noticing what is going on…

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"Isle of View"

The people in our lives who inspire us, teach us to be better and love us, no-matter-what-side-of-the-bed we get up on, are our true blessings. These wonderful and loving individuals give use daily cheerfulness and support. This translates into personal joy, spinning into healthy relationships with people far beyond our personal interactions. When we are happy in our worlds, we tend to share that happiness with others.National Health Blog Post Month!

If you are challenged with calamity, illness, poor career, relationships – you name it- take time to analyze what is possible to change, let go and heal. Sometimes it is really difficult to move beyond toxicity in life, however I highly invite you to identify the issues and make it a priority, a numero uno commitment to yourself!!!!  Now this could include not communicating with a family member who no longer serves the greater good of who you are, or a job that…

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there is a time for everything
and the emotions may try to override daily activities
for now is the time to spend on some inspiration

Parents Are People Too

An email friend sent me this wonderful video of a flash mob gathering to play Beethoven’s Ninth.  The grands, almost three and just a year–both loved it.


Be with beauty is one of the Emotional Fitness Exercises described in my book Parents Are People Too, An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents.  Watching my two grands enjoy this video made my day and reminded me to keep looking for ways to  introduce them early to classical music.  We did that with their fathers and both love all kinds of music.

Music has many ways to move your children along the path to greater emotional health.  Here is the  National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences  music for children’s page.  A minor crank is that they don’t include classical music — but you can correct that.


Just a quick post but do be kind, another way…

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