Awakened Adults Day

Nov 14 2012
It was Children’s Day in India.
And I came to know of it late in the evening, when I returned to my online habitat and was catching up with the world.
I thanked my family, my childhood friends and all the souls that were with me when I walked the earth as a child.
Then I think I tried a meditation to connect with the ‘old child of me that was’. Lost in memories and emotions of the new exciting good days.New because there would be something gaga about it. Exciting in that it was like watching michael jackson’s dance moves. Good because there was a clearer understanding of good and bad, the moral or ethics based compass was a guiding force.
I do not think I had such a close obsession with depression. Or a search for job and career. Of course, there was no question on money and the power to purchase stuff. I thank my family and friends of the time and I feel uneasy now, cos the scenario has changed. I am the adult and there are kids around for whom it is ‘Children’s day’.
Becos there are so much meaningless ways of ‘exciting’ and ‘new’ and ‘good’ in the market, I think humanity should be replaced with insanity in this case. There are ‘teen clubs’ that mimic adult night clubs where hoteliers cash in on providing young minds with the props of ‘zest of life’ .With technology mobile app stores displaying adult wallpapers of almost all major brands and what not content. It is no more alarming to know of liberalized sex ed classes supported with over the counter pills and much more than what the media reports.
So I stare at the screen and wonder, what my adult-parent-teacher community across the world are doing about this, as I think of myself as a child celebrating children’s day today.
There are a number of my friends, my brothers and sisters today who celebrate this day every year. we remember it the day with a genuine smile on the face because it is a feeling of unity, a special bond together. And painfully to know, the increased number of ‘responsible adults syndrome’ – resulting from one of more of the following:
– the home with a single parent
– cultural orientation of parent(s) and its impact on the child
– lack of feedback and support system for child with parent on issues
– work/career/personal objectives of parent(s) that douse the flame of dreams in a child
– view of the parent(s) on trends and emerging lifestyles
I am writing this as I see the valuable bonds that money cannot buy, but can be invested in with huge returns in the future. For the children of today and everyday, I hope there could be a “Awakened Adult Day’ preferably before Children’s day (as i am a full time one in the real worlds). So I may celebrate that day with a strong resolve on building a stronger chain of humanity, right where I am at my neighborhood.
We are going to make a wish. For all of us adults to join together this day, with small steps of love and dedication for reviving the human element in us.
I think it is quite reasonable due to the fact that we are in the middle of birth and death. It is about time we did something in our lives that would contribute to the lives that are following us. One could never know, the grave could be a very lonely place !
Can we commit to one simple thing in daily or weekly or monthly living, each of us in his or her own way?
Allow the inner compass to alert us on the good and the moral and the ethical for the rest of us?
Our voices and words promoting the spirit of humanity that is abundant within us?
Actions and efforts tireless be it day or night for the role of a father or mother is the most sacred?
The UN children’s day falls on 20 Nov.
Happy Childrens Day :) happy

Happy Awakened Adults Day =D> applause