What is love?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

What is love?

Nobody asked me this question. Not in recent times, as long as I can remember, no.

Untill a few days back, and when it happened, I got lost in thought. Real unaware of time, I was absolutely lost. Sure I had many many many memories dealing on love, but i could not just express it in a few words. Reflecting on this question became my obsession, for the next few days and nights. I began asking myself what is love all about and where is this love to be found? Surely I have it in me somewhere.

And then, I understand I probably have a hole in my heart or something. I just could not find some love. I began searching the pages of my soul’s journal.  Maybe here  I can find the times when I felt love.  And reconnect to it. So I remind myself of this enchanted level of existence that occurs when there is L O V E !

When, I love you.

When, I love mixing colors and painting.

When, I love being outdoors after a rain shower.

When, you make me feel special, recognize something in me which I never noticed myself and you treat me in a way my heat chants your name. I laugh till my stomach gets a cramp or like when you make me smile till my face cannot un-smile by itself; the muscles got locked up in smile-mode! And i cried when the reality of us disconnecting, even temporarily came before me. I think it even disconnected me out of existence for a while.

I believe Love is what makes me get absorbed into this sea of powerful emotions so positive, everything in the world seems lighter and easier. My heart smiles across my face. Anything I see, only goodness appears in the vision. I am in this groovy mode ready for  work, play, anything, certain to find fun.