Scroll of Extermination

The scroll of extermination, for the one engulfed in fear of rejection.

Extermination is an energy word. Its a trial for the tongue and a mission for the mind. This is about breaking fear of rejection into smaller parts by crushing it with the hammer of faith. This is where the warrior sprays vapors of resilience over it and says gratitude for the experience. This is when wisdom emerges from the smoke at the end of a successful extermination. It summons great power from within, a power that which is already there.  The scroll is a result of several experiments and findings of a warrior with a traveling soul. Use at your own risk. Or use it and concoct one that makes your spirit click.

Either a thousand voices on rejection, fear, failure, despair. Or a single step with faith by who the warrior is. And another step with determination. Like walking barefoot to the one who does often on mud or waters with strong under currents to get the feel of it. And be escorted by conscious breaths in between. Meaning, he or she is alert to the real scene in the walk, than the scene playing in the head. The warrior is open to the fact that in these moments she or he is a testimony to the endless energy of the universe. And it is the most superior energy than any thoughts or actions, individual or combined.

Observe the fear by accepting its message. It might appear as threatening in form, barbaric in behavior, de-moralizing in voice, repulsive to feel and cold for the heart. That is fear and that is how it introduces sometimes to a warrior.  Let the thoughts bind with the universal fact that love and abundance is showering upon each individual. The warrior anchors faith with this.

‘By the forces of my spirit, I summon the energy to power my light onward from the darkness that attempts to cloud my vision.

I am willing to ride along with the energy of the universe that does not sleep or remain idle.

I will practice extermination with faith, with trust in myself and act upon perceptions hazardous to the spirit. ‘

Like a statue in a breeze the warrior, observes that moments have passed and all gained was another experiential lesson in life that fear is a diminishing energy, actions support him or her.

The landscape is changing. The clouds of revelation come hovering towards the traveling soul. A dense ray of light begins to beam down along the path of the warrior.

Deep long breaths. To slow down the mind and make room for movement, conscious movement. The warrior sees what lies before. The path appears to the traveling soul. Light and Air. Companions for the journey.

Images, words, emotions, voices. Causal or just a coincidence? But they pop up now and then. I have been working with them for some time now. A scheming mirage that jeopardizes my journey. Writing about them helps.