Can you wake up to reality?
Candia Sanders writes with a new lens on life. You must read this.

"Isle of View"

I feel I’m really easy-going, down-to- earth and extremely even-keeled. Sounds rather boring and uneventful. My husband might disagree. He would acknowledge all those aforementioned attributes, however he would add a very important element. To quote him, “Do YOU have ANY idea how DIFFICULT it is to live with a psychic?

This is our own ‘reality‘ adventure. I feel it’s normal to just know things, see pictures and movies, scripts from afar and hear words and stories rich in detail. People call me daily to shift bones, realign the meridians, energize their organs. My husband on the other hand, though very emotionally intuitive, doesn’t always see the world from this happy view. He feels extremely frustrated sometimes if I know ahead what he is feeling or projecting. This in its own way is a reality show most people don’t live with, though ironically I feel most people are sensitive and…

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