This is the reality knocking on our heads. And waking up to it will bring happiness – every day


She’s tall, long-limbed with striking blue eyes and luxurious brown hair, yet she’s caught in the trap most women find themselves in: not accepting and embracing their beauty, wondering in the face of our own media-saturated anorexic-inspired worship of false beauty ideals if she’s attractive, feeling discouraged at the prospect of dealing with the mating-game loaded with crazy expectations. 

Her question, how do you come to accept yourself–even love who you are–in this body?

I’m on the other side: a few years older and mainly avoiding the self-loathing of my very imperfect body.  How did I arrive in this place?  What are key comments of achieving self-love and acceptance while in our imperfect states of being?

I was stumped for an answer.  But the answer is very important.

Finally, I thought of a few items that have helped me along the way:

1) OPT OUT–choose to not saturate yourself…

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