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"Isle of View"

The people in our lives who inspire us, teach us to be better and love us, no-matter-what-side-of-the-bed we get up on, are our true blessings. These wonderful and loving individuals give use daily cheerfulness and support. This translates into personal joy, spinning into healthy relationships with people far beyond our personal interactions. When we are happy in our worlds, we tend to share that happiness with others.National Health Blog Post Month!

If you are challenged with calamity, illness, poor career, relationships – you name it- take time to analyze what is possible to change, let go and heal. Sometimes it is really difficult to move beyond toxicity in life, however I highly invite you to identify the issues and make it a priority, a numero uno commitment to yourself!!!!  Now this could include not communicating with a family member who no longer serves the greater good of who you are, or a job that…

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