Would you pray for us?

Would you pray for us?

How may we not see each other, not wanting to smile at one another, or wish each other good health and abundance?

Our time is exact in proportion, equal in measure and distributed across the universe. Each of us has the same amount to spend from the moment we wake up and retire to bed. But it seems that we differ in our ways of spending it and on the geographical positions we are at on the planet. In both ways, our minds wander and find their own ways of connection with time by thinking, feeling, wishing, desiring, hoping, planning and much more.

Therefore, does the same apply for prayers? sure we are all of different nations and tastes and backgrounds. But then, is not the thought that counts. From somewhere within the mind or maybe within the body, a heart-beat-driven-energy-molecule is generated which prioritizes something above all else. A prayer for something. Or someone. A telepathic-knock it is. A hope. A faith.

What value do I place?

What value am I supposed to place?

I wonder about this now as I came upon the words ‘ Will you pray for me? Will you pray for us?’ So, this is of the kind that I must energize myself upon not on the goals, but for the love of doing it. For the faith and hope, if it exists. For the cause that desires an outcome beyond my capacity.

And the funniest part is everything looks so normal and ok on the outside. The sky is still blue. The sun is still there. The ocean waves keep moving. and I will be praying for you.

I will take a timeout now and every time I feel I have to. And allocate my wealth appropriately in the world I am living in with the currencies I am bestowed with in this life I was gifted – time and energy.

My prayers. Our prayers.










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