The one and only thing that matters in life

Life purpose? Is not the life purpose of my self and yours the one thing that defines us and matters?

Regardless of my age, regardless of what I am doing or where I am living, is there some meaning to my existence at all? Well apart from being Mr X with a job at ABC corporation and living at Smartville, should there not be something more than eat drink n sleep n all in between to life?

So, the ONE and ONLY thing that matters in life should be that which can be:

1. performed and achieved by anybody

2. does not need a college degree

3. does need to be consistent day after day, night after night as long as the heart beats and the individual is ‘alive’

4,5,6,7 …..

And this will be freely available too ! I mean super mega abundant across the universe !

I stand by it and am a living testimony to it 24/7 in every breath of mine…

it is …


being in love with the moment that is here, now with me, living one day at a time

loving the world and everything in it for what it is, for how it has shaped me to where I am now

showing love to people i come across for who they are and remembering to guard myself from thinking up anything else cos it is just not right and will never work and definitely will never last

– understanding the different languages of love from the different experiences life brings, it really matters since it is my story thats being created.

– To persevere with love till the end of the day, every day.


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