When i leave today



There’s still half a tank of fuel and I could make it home with probably quarter tank remaining. Unless ‘home’ is more than family, it is that part where my soul is committed to in this life I am gifted with.

Therefore when it seems that ‘I am on my way home’ or ‘just left home’, what exactly is the point of reference in absolute terms? Is it me and my physical home here on earth? Is not there something more like a whole new bigger world where every breath is connected, ‘every turn of the leaf on its way down from the tree to the ground is predestined’ ?  This is the food for thought, actions are arrows in flight with perfect aim. And when comes the time to leave, I smile with the widest one ever !

Today came, that moment where I left all of what was part of me.

What I thought of myself was replaced with an instantaneous shift of awareness, during my drive home during traffic.

Another day then…


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