Angel: agent of light


You are so bright that’s how i am guided by your presence, Guardian angel thank you for not giving up on me.

You show me what I forget, O Angel, you remind me of what life is meant to be as i get lost chasing rainbows.

Heal me now, as you did all the times I fell sick, heavy with toxins of the world. Angel, let my heart shine with the pure light, let us live our light. Angel of the Almighty, strengthen us with your given power so that we may be noble in our thoughts and actions.

May our hearts be glowing warm with love and let this energy flow all around us, our bodies, our home, our lands. May we be connected where ever we are, whatever time under the sun and stars.

The greatest strength is that of Love. We all have it in us, everywhere around us it exists. Let me not forget this truth. Nor be blind to it as the daily living needs take over. My healing, My strength is connecting to this divine love. I am here on earth to live it in every breath. So be it. Amen


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