5 awesome effects of loneliness

He has made loneliness the topic of lifelong research.

It is the invisible companion in his life.

He knows not know of its origins or its end. But here are some awesome effects when they are holding hands and walking together:

1. Loneliness creates Geniusness

Many a ‘brain wave’ moment have taken place when away from the fellow human being or pet or machine.

A search in solitude triggers the trajectory of discovery.

Or it establishes some never before overlooked knowledge.

All of it occurs at the end of an evening or weekend which started off with feelings of ‘something missing’ / ‘not belonging’ and much more.

It is a brave, courageous, difficult, tough, mighty and an adventure in the dark folks.

But it brings the proud moment at the end. He or she always arrives at something that makes him or her better than the beginning. Oh yes, Lonely people do live happily ever after at the end.

2. Loneliness is the new culture

Of course it is.

‘new’ as in 2012.

Here. In the now.

For the modern soul, it is a chapter in life to prepare him and her to the existential limits of possibility while not losing a grip on humanity.

How else can one comprehend the massive connections of his or her existence to all that goes on in the world today?

The stock markets, Military interventions, Heath hazards, Storm aftermaths, Lifestyle choices, Music festivals and you know better. If there is that block of time where he or she stands on to capture all of it and feed the soul – there is loneliness written somewhere on it.

We have the most connected network today. Well in the physical, structural, technological way. Be thankful to the disguised phenomenon of loneliness when it rubs the head, to wake him up or her for cultural updates.

3. Loneliness also means ‘Renewal’ and ‘Healing’

The phoenix bird. The lone ranger. The first love. The rambling heart.

All of the above had their share of solitude. A point in time when nothing in the world could douse the flames that burned the soul. Some brave souls achieved it by cooling it off  on the individualistic walk of  life.

That which nudges the heart to happiness, to the feeling of gratitude, to an act of kindness is powerful. It is a renewed state of the spirit in him or her. And it must come from within. Yes, it could be inspired by a sight or a melody.

Meditation is one technique. It is an ancient form of connecting to one’s inner self by choice. Spending energy in this manner promotes the overall health. Anyone is capable to do this. Healing works best when it is administered from within the body, along with the conscious breaths of respiration.

What does he have to lose but himself?

4.  Loneliness is the milestone to success

Success is arrival at a goal.

It is the completion of some objective.

It could be a celebration.

It could also be some profound way of getting things done which ‘he or she alone can do within his realm.’

Simple? Rings a bell?

No, it is not important to know about the life purpose and follow it to the dot in order to do something of this kind. He does not need super human strength to open the door for a fellow traveler to pass. She can smile a low radiant version at a stranger. The world needs more than materialistic advancements. It needs souls who stand out with their energy and efforts, in whatever measure they can give.

Loneliness re-defines success. So success is more than reaching the destination. It is all about happiness and the sort which is waiting to be created, the value of which is totally understood by those who have in some point of time experienced loneliness. These are the ‘milestones’. Note them down, pass them again, wave at it, it will be around to remind whether he has really ‘succeeded’ in the mortal life.

I am so big in my world, yet I know how small i am. So rub your hands together and jump up onto your feet. Success is calling.

5. Only you can command loneliness.

Of all the medicines,theories,research findings and related help for loneliness,

one common factor that helps to overcome it is –

U! The one in state of feeling alone.

What did you have for breakfast? What colors and shades are there in your dwelling? Do you get enough sunlight? What music do you listen to? What news did you read today or yesterday or last year? What were your favorite toys in childhood?

He must respect himself. The human mind is worthy of honor. It travels a maze of experiences in a lifetime, picking up information all along. Some o fit lies in the conscious memory while some are stored in the conscious. Add to this the food and its ingredients consumed. Now the inputs from different media especially the ads ‘promoting culture and society’. Then there is the music and movies and books component. So, what is the sum total of all this?

A unique personality. An individual who walks towards a distinct path with scenery similar to fellow men and women. Stride with confidence. Be aware of each slope, descent, twist or turn. Whenever it requires, sit down with loneliness and pour a cuppa. Gaze at all that is around and listen too. Note whatever ideas or options that appear. You alone make the decisions. It always is. It is what makes you so you. Command yourself!


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In Part 1 of this article, we looked at how natural emotional reactions can be triggered by primitive reflexes, among other things…

In addition to neutralizing in real time the charge of the emotion, we can then release it for greater freedom and peace.

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It is helpful to be led through the process with a coach or practitioner the first time, but not necessary.


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